The Barn

Elegant and picturesque all at the same time.

When Serendipity was born over 18 years ago, a barn was always in her future. This is no ordinary barn. Towering ceilings, massive sliding doors, enormous chandeliers, and cut stone walls are nothing less than the perfect combination of sophistication and elegance. Add a stunning bride adorned in lace, you’ve just created a picture seen on a very rare occasion.

Our couples LOVE our barn, and often choose this space as an escape during all the hustle and bustle of the day. A little quiet time for just the two of them, and their artist capturing their moments, freezing them in time to be enjoyed forever.

This gorgeous space in available for indoor ceremonies, cocktail hours and receptions. Please inquire for pricing. The barn is available prior to the ceremony as stunning backdrop for your pictures of all those handsome gents, and of course following the ceremony, the bridal party graces it with their presence and excitement.

Cozy and stately it does not disappoint. When couples first view this space, they often just say “Wow!”

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